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8 800 201-74-25
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Balian Luxury Villas

Implementation period 1 year
Payback period 5 years
Amount of investment $ 250.000

Project description

Bali - this is the place with the largest 
tourist flow according to the Booking 
reservation service. Beautiful three-
storey villas are located 100 meters 
from the beach. There is all for 
recreation and entertainment: two 
bedrooms, a living room, a dining 
room, a kitchen, a playground, a 
garden, a swimming pool, a place 
for storing sports equipment, 
parking for a motorcycle.
Ballian -is an area where your 
rhythms are combined with the 
rhythms of nature and the elements, 
where serenity and solitude 
envelop you.
In this area there are small cafes 
and restaurants, shops, many expats 
live there from different parts of 
the planet from Australia to Hawaii, 
and one of the best surf spots in Bali 
is also located.

Due to the year-round season, our villas
are perfect for both private ownership 
and for commercial renting to tourists 
and surf camps.

Do you have land or investment offer?